Hier erhalten Sie eine Übersicht an Online-Veranstaltungen von den Konfuzius-Instituten im deutschsprachigen Raum, angefangen von leckeren… Partner. We will also give you a brief history of how this festival came about. Confucius Institute. … These institutes are a strategic tool, created by Xi Jinping, to implement a China centered cultural system and ideology. This year we launched our new Youtube series called 'Nihao Mate'. This is a fantastic opportunity to practice your Chinese with a native speaker while also making new friends. Apart from the common patterns such as flowers, insects, fish and birds, Chinese characters are also very popular. Level 4 Kenneth Wills Building THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE. The institute also organizes various cultural events, lectures, conferences and seminars. Sie erreichen uns per Email unter info[at]konfuzius-institut-heidelberg.de und telefonisch unter 06221/5419385. How to say 'late' in Mandarin Chinese? English; 中文 HSK标准课程. Click here to review the Friday cultural topics you may have missed! Gwangju of South Jeolla is the tip of the spear for the Chinese Dream. Telephone: +61 8 8313 4798confucius.institute@adelaide.edu.au, Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk arts in China. Some of these activities are also offered as part of the Children's University program. Teaching resources uploading, downloading and management Confucius-Institute Online -Kostenlose virtuelle Lernumgebungen (Kurse, Wörterbücher, Dokus, ...) des zentralen Konfuzius Instituts. This is where the Consulate General of The People's Republic of China is located (Just a short trip across the sea to Southwest China). Online-Veranstaltungen von Konfuzius-Instituten aus Deutschland. Sein offizielles Ziel ist es, die chinesische Sprache und Kultur zu fördern, die lokale chinesische Lehre international zu unterstützen und den kulturellen Austausch zu ermöglichen. 迟到、晚点、延误 or 没赶上?How much do you know about Confucius? Das Konfuzius-Institut an der Freien Universität Berlin bleibt bis auf Weiteres für den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen und bietet für die Zeit der Maßnahmen ein kontaktfreies Online-Programm. It is built and sponsored by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. Die Konfuzius-Institute laufen unter dem Motto der Kulturförderung zwischen China und den westlichen Ländern. Überprüfen Sie die Übersetzungen von 'Konfuzius-Institut' ins Englisch. Please prepare all the required materials and have fun with our teachers! Design, make and decorate your lantern with the help of an online video and the downloadable resources below! To visit our YouTube Channel and view all our videos click here. HSK 4 Preparation Course at The Confucius Institute; HSK 5 Preparation Course at The Confucius Institute; HSK Oral Test Guidance - (Chinese Language Website) Practice Papers (Chinese Language Website) We also have many more helpful HSK preparation materials in our Resource Centre. Online Chinese Test In this program, children will sing along to Chinese poems with our experienced instructors and live acoustic music. Address. Tuesday's session is for any personalised help you need with your language study. Confucius Institute. The Confucius Institute U.S. Center (CIUS Center) is a not-for-profit educational institution in Washington, DC, whose mission is to advance global education and cross-cultural understanding through education and professional development, arts and culture, academics and research, and public outreach. Das Konfuzius-Institut (chinesisch 孔子学院, Pinyin Kǒngzǐ Xuéyuàn, Jyutping Hung 2 zi 2 Hok 6 jyun 2) ist eine staatliche chinesische Bildungsorganisation, die dem Ministerium für Bildung zugeordnet ist. 5005 AUSTRALIA. I believe that Confucius Institute will become a platform for people in … Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), as a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education, is committed to providing Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide, it goes all out in meeting the demands of foreign Chinese learners and contributing to the development of multiculturalism and the building of a harmonious world. How to say 'old' in Mandarin Chinese? Address. Um die Erwartungen der zunehmend internationalen Nutzer zu erfüllen, musste das Confucius Institute für … Nowadays, tie-dye is a lifestyle activity for people to achieve harmony between themselves and nature. Das Konfuzius-Institut an der Universität Wien weist gerne auf die folgenden Online Veranstaltungen der Beijing Foreign Studies University hin. Please review the booking conditions below before registering. The webinar featured several guest speakers who discussed the relevant aspects of Chinese language, culture, business and study opportunities as they relate to those with a keen interest in China. The technique involves crumpling, pleating or folding the fabric into various patterns, then tying it with string — this is how it got its name. The Confucius Institute at Freie Universität Berlin was recently selected as "Confucius Institute of the Year 2007" by the newly founded centra Welcome every one of you to join our onli... Hello everyone, I'm a teacher and I can't wait to learn with all of you. South and North Jeolla Province. 全球孔子学院慕课平台. Telephone: +61 8 8313 4798 confucius.institute@adelaide.edu.au. How to say 'wear' in Mandarin Chinese? Förderer. Wir freuen uns, mit Ihnen im Austausch zu bleiben und wünschen Ihnen weiterhin beste Gesundheit und alles Gute. How to say 'a little' or 'a bit' in Mandarin Chinese?一点儿 or 有点儿? Confucius Institute: Part 2. Confucius Institute Online | 3.782 Follower auf LinkedIn | Confucius Institute Online is a comprehensive website for Chinese learning. Dies ist eine Liste von Konfuzius-Instituten (chinesisch 孔子學院 / 孔子学院, Pinyin Kǒngzǐ xuéyuàn).Sind die Konfuzius-Institute an eine Universität oder Hochschule angegliedert, wird diese angegeben. Online real-time live tutoring Friday's lesson will be a topic prepared by our volunteers and is a great opportunity for you to extend your knowledge. You can also open these patterns on your iPad and place a tracing paper on top of the screen to draw your own copy. Ist das Konfuzius-Institut eigenständig oder mit nicht-akademischen Partnerinstitutionen verbunden, wird es namentlich genannt. Konfuzius-Institut Frankfurt e.V. 能 or 会? Das Confucius Institute Online möchte eine umfassende und erstklassige chinesische Lernwebsite bereitstellen, indem es effektive Methoden rund um die Förderung der Kenntnisse der chinesischen Kultur und Sprache sowie eine global orientierte Gemeinschaft und Mediensysteme anbietet. Im Rahmen unseres Festprogramms laden wir Sie am heutigen Samstag, den 26. Wir sind die Spezialisten für Chinesischunterricht: Kurse für Kinder ab 10 Jahren, Erwachsene, … During Chinese weddings you will see red or gold "囍" (double happiness) on the walls and doors, as well as on gifts, indicating auspicious blessings for the newly married couple. For those who could not make it to the webinar, here is the recording for you to catch up. Application of Scholarship. fu-berlin.de. Find us online. Am Dienstag, 10. Do you know all the different ways to use 看?. Chinese Valentine's Day 七夕 and 520 | Chinese celebrate Valentine's Day 3 times a year?How to say 'late' in Mandarin Chinese? Now you can have fun creating moon lanterns of your own! fu-berlin.de. We will also give a brief background to how and why dumplings are so special in China, Ingredients:  In 2009, Chinese paper-cutting was listed as an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. November 2020, eröffnete Prof. Dr. Marc Oliver Rieger, Direktor des Konfuzius-Instituts der Universität Trier, die jährliche Vortragsreihe “China heute” mit einem Online-Vortrag über die Corona-Pandemie und Patriotismus in China.. Der Vortrag wurde von Prof. i.R. Confucius Institute Online (in Chinese) China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (in Chinese) List of Confucius Institutes around the world; Kongzi and his institutes Erik Ringmar & John Pella,History of International Relations Open Textbook Project, Cambridge: Open Book, forthcoming. In this video you will learn to make Zongzi, a type of Chinese sticky rice dumpling eaten during the Dragon boat Festival. The origination of paper cutting is closely linked to Chinese festivals and customs, expressing happiness and wishes for the future. The patterns are A4 size and ready to cut after printing. Our video offers you step-by-step instruction on how to make your own tie-dyed t-shirt at home. 穿 or 戴? On the 7th of May this year, The Confucius Institute at The University of Adelaide together with ACYA (Australia China Youth Association) hosted a live China Ready Webinar to celebrate UN Chinese Language day. Chinesisch online lernen Chinesisch lernen im virtuellen Klassenzimmer - bequem von zu Hause aus! Contact. OzAsia Festival’s Moon Lantern Parade has a very important history, founded in the traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Qualification authentication of Chinese Language Teachers In this video you will learn to make Dumplings! Smiling Panda   Jumpy Kangaroo   Double Happiness. The poems are selected from a beginner level to an intermediate level, therefore a basic understanding of Chinese Mandarin is required. Telephone: +61 8 8313 4798 confucius.institute@adelaide.edu.au. This series will look at the different aspects of Chinese culture and language in a fun and engaging way. Das Konfuzius-Institut an der Universität Heidelberg. In addition, the institute organizes training for Chinese language teachers. 5005 AUSTRALIA. Positionspapier zur aktuellen öffentlichen Debatte um Konfuzius-Institute Gegenwärtig findet eine öffentliche Debatte rund um die Arbeit und Zielsetzung der Konfuzius-Institute in Deutschland statt. Online Chinesisch lernen mit dem Konfuzius-Institut an der Universität Heidelberg e.V. Global-Oriented community Online Chinese learning Find us online. B座18层 (5,522.60 mi) Beijing, China 100088. Apart from the common patterns such as flowers, insects, fish and birds, Chinese characters are also very popular. During Chinese weddings you will see red or gold ", Study Tour For Principals & School Leaders. China betreibt in Deutschland 19 Konfuzius-Institute, die vor allem an Hochschulen angesiedelt sind. The Confucius Institute at the University of Adelaide is now offering students a complete and comprehensive HSK Chinese proficiency test preparation course, conducted by our qualified and experienced teachers, with the aim of attaining maximum HSK results for test takers. For program enquiries please email: Confucius.institute@adelaide.edu.au In this regard, it has prepared more than 400 … How to say 'can' in Mandarin Chinese? We will be releasing new videos regularly so subscribe to our channel to keep up to date. Get Directions +86 10 5930 7500 . Each year, tens of thousands of people to come together in one magnificent day-long celebration that culminates in Australia’s largest lantern parade. Faculty of Arts. Faculty of Arts. ——“Learning Chinese. Dantestr. 9 60325 Frankfurt am Main Telefon: +49 69 79823296 Fax: +49 69 79823292 E-Mail: info@konfuzius-institut-frankfurt.de . Contact Confucius Institute Online on Messenger. Level 4 Kenneth Wills Building THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE. Confucius Institute Online provides the following services: Online Chinese learning Online real-time interactive live class Online real-time live tutoring Online real-time language partner Online Chinese Test Global-Oriented community Global-Oriented media Teaching resources uploading, downloading and management Qualification authentication of Chinese Language Teachers Application of Scholarship Chinese Idioms 成语: Ever feel like you're playing music for a cow 对牛弹琴? Herzlich Willkommen zum Tag der Konfuzius-Institute 2020! radix isatids, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine) to create pure yet beautiful art works which is still popular today. September 2020, um 15 Uhr zu einer Online-Live-Veranstaltung mit … Online real-time language partner Online real-time interactive live class Global-Oriented media This program aims to assist children to develop a sense of musicality while also learning traditional Chinese poems. 迟到、晚点、延误 or 没赶上? This traditional Chinese handicraft was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2006. Please feel free to visit us at 180 Waterloo Place on campus. Wir freuen uns, den Tag der Konfuzius-Institute heute mit Ihnen gemeinsam zu feiern und präsentieren Ihnen ein facettenreiches und kurzweiliges Programm von Online-Beiträgen. Our team have developed a range of online programs and activities to keep you engaged with Chinese language and culture from the comfort of your own home. Confucius Institute Online is devoted to creating a most influential and comprehensive website in the world by inventing effective functions such as online Chinese teaching, Chinese culture discovery, global-oriented community and media system to satisfy the need of people who are interested in Chinese learning all around the world, promote the understanding of Chinese language culture, enhance the educational and cultural cooperation between China and the world, develop the friendship between China and other countries, help to develop multicultural environment and to build up a harmonious world. Hier finden Sie uns auch. “Confucius Institute jointly established by NCWU and UCTS is of great significance. The origination of paper cutting is closely linked to Chinese festivals and customs, expressing happiness and wishes for the future. Teilnahme nur mit Anmeldung möglich - diese erledigen wir gerne für Sie. For families, download the materials here   For teachers, download a special guide and resources here. Das Konfuzius-Institut an der Freien Universität Berlin ist in Beijing mit der Ehrung Konfuzius-Institut des Jahres 2007" von der neu gegründeten zentralen Koordinationsstelle der Konfuzius-Institute ausgezeichnet worden. Designed for children aged 7-12 years old in a class size of 10- 30 students, Learn a variety of Chinese poems through singing along and rhyming to live acoustic music, Introduce a broad overview of ancient Chinese poetry in an encouraging and fun atmosphere, Led by qualified and talented instructors, Deepen children's enjoyment of and appreciation for Chinese poetry, Uncover children's natural musical talents and affinities. Our FREE conversation corner is now running online via Zoom. Contacts +44 (0)161 275 8667; Contact details; … 老 or 旧? Chinese Valentine's Day 七夕 and 520 | Chinese celebrate Valentine's Day 3 times a year? SIBU: The Chinese Consulate General in Kuching will continue to fully support the Confucius Institute. Contact. Join us from home or your classroom for a digital lantern making workshop by artist Paula Gallagher. Tie-dye is a long standing handicraft of the Bai ethnic group who mainly inhabited southwest China's Yunnan Province. Schauen Sie sich Beispiele für Konfuzius-Institut-Übersetzungen in Sätzen an, hören Sie sich die Aussprache an … Experiencing Culture.”, Confucius Institute Online provides the following services: Paper cutting is one of the oldest folk arts in China. Das Konfuzius-Institut Heidelberg bleibt vorerst für den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen. People also use beautiful paper-cut artworks to decorate their window, doors, lanterns etc. The Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki is an educational unit that organizes courses on Chinese language and culture, as well as the HSK Chinese proficiency test and the Chinese Bridge speech competition.

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